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BASIC: Lesson 9 - Paragraph Tag

Learn how to use the HTML Paragraph Tag, accordingly.
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Paragraph Tag

Learn how to use the < P > Paragraph Tag and its attributes.

Paragraph Tag

  • HTML Tag Paragraph < P >

Open a paragraph tag < p >, write your sentence, close your paragraph tag < /p >.


Attributes are properties of an HTML Tag. The properties of a paragraph tag < P > would be align="right", align="center" and align="left" (left is the default alignment). If you don't use any attribute, it will default to align=left. Note the quotations around the word after the equal sign. See SCREEN 1 above on how to use attributes.

  • Open Notepad


A link to Notepad should be available in your task bar or menu bar.

  • Write the Basic HTML on Notepad


Type the HTML Code on NOTEPAD exactly as displayed on SCREEN 3

  • Save your HTML file.


When done typing, click on FILE, then SAVE AS then type the name of the file - paragraph-tag.html - click on SAVE.

View paragraph-tag. html page.

NOTE: At this point, you should have four html files in your FINAL folder - heading-tag.html, horizontal-rule.html, bold-underline-italics. html, and paragraph-tag.html

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