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5Feb's Website Management Services Explained

Pay By-The-Hour – Billable in 15 minute Increments

If I work on your website and it takes me 1-15 minutes, you will be charged 15 minutes for the work ($21.25). If it takes me 25 minutes, you will be charged 30 minutes for the work ($42.50). This is what we mean by billable in 15 minute increments, not like other website designer who billed with a minimum of 1-hour or more per incident. To save even more, we recommend that you bundle your changes together so we can fully utilize every minute assigned to your project. Don’t just send one minor change today and then another change request two days later. Instead, hold off on the minor change until you find more required changes to make. Put them together when the time comes, then send it in for revision. In this way, we get to fully utilize every assigned minute charged to your account.

To get started with our website management program, you will need to purchase a minimum of 5-hours online. Simply add it to cart then check-out. Then proceed to send your required changes to your website along with the required logins to access your website via email at We will review your required changes and contact you if we have questions.

If the work to be done will require more than 5-hours, we will contact you to advise you of the same and to obtain your approval of the estimated time it will take to complete the project.

If the work to be done will take less than 5-hours, we will proceed with the work and let you know when it’s ready for your review.

If all is approved, we will go live with the updated website pages and generate the pre-paid invoice. Any remaining unused hours will be saved for future use. It has no expiration date.

From thereonafter, simply email your required changes and the work will be done within 4-24 hours on the same day. No deposits required. When done with the work and all is approved, an invoice for the work will be sent out for payment within the next day or so.

That’s our website management procedure.

Why should I hire a website management company?

We will make sure that your website stays up-to-date with internet standards and best practice. By doing so, your website will remain high on organic ranking; you pay less on pay-per-click campaigns; and your website will be visible and viewable on all devices regardless of operating system, browser version, including make and model of the device.

We also recommend that you focus on your business – taking care of customers and employees – and leave the website design work to professionals.

You can actually do more damage than good trying to manage your own website.

We guarantee all minor and moderate updates and modifications to be done within 24-hours, including week-ends, with most minor updates done within 4-hours or less. Any work request over 5-hours will be provided with an hourly quote or estimate and upon approval, the work begins. With our Website Management, Monitoring and Marketing service, no more hiring and firing, no payroll, tax deduction calculations, training and security issues to handle - will take care of all these responsibilities, including local storage of your backup on a regular basis.

If you have an existing website in HTML or Wordpress or whatever platform, that is in need of repair, updates or upgrades and/or major content modifications, regularly or occassionally, then's Website Management, Monitoring and Marketing Service is the ideal solution to your problem. No contracts. No binding relationships. Here's how:

By-The-Hour: No contract required. Simply purchase a one-time 5-hour block @ $85 per hour ($425 Total) and we can begin work on your website immediately. This is the only time you will be required to buy a block of 5-hours, thereafter, you only pay when you use our service. This initial 5-hour block can be banked indefinitely or be used to take care of long-awaited updates to the website such as product pricing, policies, employee updates, etc. Pay by-the-hour is best if you only need to update your website occassionally. We bill in 15 minute increments within a 24-hour period. This means that if we only used 5 minutes of the work order, we will wait another 24-hours for any additional work in order to use the whole 15 minutes. If none arrives within the next 24-hours, the work order is closed and an invoice is sent out. It's fair.